Thank you for taking a few moments to learn a little bit about me and for your interest in my work. I have prepared this statement to share my thoughts about my black and white graphite work. 


There is something to be said about a successful image devoid of color. Attention to tonal value is so much more prevalent because you don't have color to create contrast, separation, mood, depth, etc.This creates a unique emotional response regardless of the subject matter, media or technique. I enjoy working with graphite because of my developed control of the medium. As kids we all used number 2 lead pencils. It’s what I started with. It’s what I know best. And after 20+ years drawing I'm still developing. Most commonly I create highly detailed black and white graphite drawings using a broad range of Graphite pencils. 


Over the past few years, I have made a conscious effort in three areas. With regards to the process or the technique, the separation of the surface material and texture of each object represented in the image as well as the mood, atmosphere and depth within the picture plane is what I strive towards. Probably the most important and most difficult is to convey some kind of intangible emotion, some sense of “Life” within the art. I want to be as authentic as possible regarding any given subject. The little details are a means of telling a convincing story so textures, surfaces, shapes, and patterns, anything uniquely relevant to the subject are characteristics that I consider in my work. My intention is to create an image that will capture one’s attention from across the room, draw the viewer in, and as they close the distance start to realize that there is more to see, until their nose is within inches of the drawing. I love watching people experience this evolution as they view my art for the first time. 


I have always had an interest in creating realistic looking images but never photo realistic art. It's always been about my interpretation of the image and how I can manipulate the information from the reference to enhance the quality of the overall work. I take careful consideration of the viewer and attempt to guide them visually through the piece. With so much detail in the image careful consideration is necessary to avoid a busy and distracting composition. A strong focal point, subtle shifts in value and a wide range of value and contrast is necessary. I don't just take a single photo and try to copy it. I often use several reference images and even tangible objects when applicable. As I continue to push my bounds technically, my process, which is very methodical becomes more intuitive and reflects grater execution of the qualities I try to convey. 


There is something majestic and magical about all life. I think we take this for granted in our day to day lives. I strive to push my bounds technically to project more life through the illusion. If someone can take a moment and reconnect to that when they look at one of my works, then I think I have created a successful piece. 


Tim Dangaran